Aviary Car Park Mount Kennett Place Dock Rd. Limerick. Phone: 061 318288

These are the revised terms and conditions for the use of Aviary Car Park:


  1. Risk and Liability: Vehicles are parked in Aviary Car Park at the sole risk of their owners. Aviary Car Park and its staff do not accept any liability for injury, loss, or damage, including negligence, to any vehicle, its owners, occupants, or any property placed in the car park.
  2. Parking Fee: The parking fee charged is for the temporary use of a parking space by the vehicle.
  3. Unclaimed Vehicles: If a vehicle remains unclaimed for a period of 1 month and no special arrangements have been made with Aviary Car Park, the car park may sell the vehicle to cover expenses.
  4. Lost Tickets: In the event of a lost ticket, the parking fee will be charged from the time the car park opens until the time of departure, along with an administration fee.
  5. Contract Parkers: Contract parkers are required to pay a deposit upon receiving a swipe card. The deposit is refundable only when the card is returned undamaged. All contract parkers must complete an application form providing driver and vehicle details. Temporary vehicle substitutions must be reported to management, and permanent vehicle substitutions may incur an administration charge. Late payment of parking fees will be subject to penalties.
  6. Acceptance of Conditions: Placing a vehicle in the car park signifies an unqualified acceptance of all the conditions, including the rates of charges and the operating hours displayed in the car park.
  7. Changes to Car Park Rules: The management reserves the right to change the car park rules periodically.
  • 1/2 Hour €1.00
  • 1 Hour €2.00
  • 2 Hours €4.00
  • 3 Hours €6.00
  • 4 Hours €8.00
  • Daily (7AM - 7PM) €8.00
  • Nightly (5PM - 9.30AM) €8.00
  • Weekdays 24hr €14.00
  • Weekends 24hr €12.00
  • Weekly 3 day (7AM - 7PM) €15.00
  • Weekly 5 day (7AM - 7PM) €18.00
  • Weekly 5 day (24hr) €20.00
  • Weekly 7 day (24hr) €25.00
  • Weekends (Thursday - Monday 9AM) €25.00
  • Monthly (24ht) €75.00
  • Monthly (24hr) Direct Debit €70.00
  • 6 months €450.00
  • 1 Year €820.00
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